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Why are Bees Dying?

By Drazen D

field of flowers
Honey Bee’s are essential to our survival on this planet. They are a key component for pollinating much of the food that we eat every day, responsible for the pollination of approximately one third of our food crops. Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears…

Common Household Pests in Ontario

By Drazen D

cockroach extermination toronto
A common desire amongst homeowners and tenants is to live in a place free of pests. The reality is that there are many different types of pests that infest Canadian homes every day and they can be difficult to deal with. It is important to…

Odd and Deadly Pests

By Drazen D

All around the world people have to share their cities and homes with unwanted pests. Although most of these pests are no more than an annoyance to live with, some of them can be very dangerous to our livelihood. The dangers that some of the…

Physical vs Psychological dangers caused by bed bugs

By Drazen D

worried about bed bugs
Bed bugs were nearly eradicated from North America in the 1950’s with the use of DDT and other insecticides. Since the 1990’s, however, bed bugs have been making a strong come back into our cities due to several factors such as increased world travel and…

K9 Bed Bug Detection

By Luqman Butter

Bed bug infestations have increased dramatically during the last couple of years, and more people are living with bed bugs now than ever before. Inspecting for bed bugs could prove to be a far more challenging task for a person to handle, mainly because bed…

Why Mice are a Serious Issue in Canada?

By Drazen D

It’s been years since rodents were making headlines in Canada. A few years back, everyone was shocked when they heard about a $1M Winnipeg house that turned out to be a huge mice nest. Then recently, an East Vancouver community garden was found to be…

FAQs About Bed Bugs From Your Toronto pest control specialists

By Drazen D

Whether you live in a townhouse or condominium unit, detached home or an apartment, you need to have an overview of bed bugs and the problems associated with bed bug infestations in Toronto. That’s why as your preferred Toronto Pest Control Services, we’ve put together…

Toronto pest control tips for making your yard unattractive to pigeons

By Drazen D

We specialize in humane wildlife control for pigeons and all other forms of pests, bigger critters and birds. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, we are always here when you need reliable Pest Control Services in Toronto, and in this article we want to offer you some proactive…

Toronto pest control winter tips for warding off cockroaches

By Drazen D

Although many pests either die off or otherwise disappear in the winter, there are still a few of the old standbys like the cockroach that don’t mind the cold weather. In fact, these pests can even make such a nuisance of themselves, that you will…
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