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10 Jan 2018

10 Jan 2018 – Allergic reaction to wasp stings was responsible for three deaths in Manitoba. Although stinging and biting insects cause allergy symptoms in people sensitive to these insects, the former are more of a concern. Stinging Insects inject venom into the body when they bite which can cause anaphylactic shock in some people, leading to death if not treated immediately. Biting insects also cause allergic reactions but are rarely life threatening. Cockroaches and dust mites are insects that do not bite, but yet can cause allergy symptoms and can trigger asthma attacks in vulnerable groups of people. Instead of skin rash or redness, these insects can cause wheeze, runny nose and itching eyes, throat or mouth. Calling professional pest control service providers in Toronto and other areas is the best way to get rid of allergy causing insects.

9 Dec 2017

Rats are a growing concern for Oshawa residents with some complaining about not being to use their backyard! At least 40 rat related calls were received by Councilor Amy McQuaid-England. The Councilor wants to step up the efforts to control the menace with a number of measures including appropriate disposal system and tracking rat calls. The city council is also looking at setting aside a budget for a comprehensive rat extermination program in 2018. Professional pest control service providers in Toronto and Oshawa believe successive warm winters and rains that drove the rats out of their underground homes are some reasons for the rat menace. Besides, the increasing construction activity in Oshawa could also have displaced some rats which are moving over to the backyards of neighbors.

20 Nov 2017

20 Nov 2017 – Biopesticides are increasingly gaining the interest of researchers and pest control providers world over. A major breakthrough in this regard was achieved recently at the University of Hertfordshire by virologists Dr Robert Coutts and Dr Ioly Kotta-Loizou. The researchers are focused on the potential of a fungus called Beauveria bassiana, a new generation of environmentally friendly biopesticide. Found naturally in plants and in soil, the fungus injects its spores into bugs and kills them without affecting the environment in any way. The new generation of biopesticides may also be effective in fighting household pests including termites and other bugs.

This comes as great news for professional pest control service providers in Toronto who focus on using environmentally friendly pest control agents.

15 Oct 2017

15 October 2017 – A recent investigation by CityNews of over 44 campus establishments in Toronto found more than two hundred food safety violations in college cafeterias. City News examined more than nine hundred reports of food safety inspections carried out in post-secondary campuses between 2015 and 2017 from Public Health’s database. Glendon College, Osgoode Hall and York University have come under the scanner for the most hygiene violations and inadequate pest control. Glendon college has had a troubled past with pest control issues with mice and cockroach feces being found in its cafeteria. Mice droppings were found also in Humber College’s Residence Cafe.

22 Sep 2017

22 September 2017 – Wasp stings are getting more frequent. A Whitehorse pest control service provider says he received twice as many calls this summer than in the previous years. Yellow jackets, hornets and honeybees are the most common species in Toronto. While bees are usually harmless and do not attack unless provoked, wasps tend to be more aggressive.With the temperature drops in winter starting September onward, wasps become lazy and most of them tend to also get killed by the sudden frost. It is right in the middle of these two seasons that wasps become more active and aggressive. As the queen gets busy laying more eggs, the now-grown wasps are out and about scavenging for food in parks, schools, shopping centers and eateries.

18 Aug 2017

18 August 2017 – Toronto residents are reporting more skunk and raccoon sightings this year. According to the Animal Services department of Toronto, there were 72 calls regarding injured or dead skunks in 2016. But in 2017, the department has already received 339 calls for skunks. The department reports a rise in raccoon population as well. Some areas in Toronto have more than hundred raccoons per square kilometer. Experts believe that while the population of skunks has not dramatically increased, the rise in sightings at this time of the year can be attributed to the baby season. Being den dwellers, skunks tend to burrow underneath porches or sheds. Many professional skunk removal services humanely remove them by allowing them to escape through a one-way door.

11 Jul 2017

July 11 2017 – Lady Bugs To The Rescue!!! Sounds odd but it’s true when it comes to pest control. Lady Bugs are one of the best natural and environmentally friendly pest control options available when it comes to getting rid of invasive pests like aphids that can do a lot of damage to plants. So good at pest control, in fact, that the city of Regina is releasing 300,000 ladybugs in the city to wage war against these invasive pests. Pest experts say that by doing this the need for pesticides in the city will be reduced. Other Canadian cities should learn from Regina, who even released a herd of 100 goats in May to graze on an invasive weed and once again reduce the need for chemical treatments.

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