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Stop Mice From Eating Your Foam Insulation

One of the most common pests to invade Toronto homes are mice, especially during this time of year when they are looking for a warm place to pass the winter months. They can enter your home very easily through a hole as small as ¼ inch in diameter and can find great places to live conspicuously such as behind walls and between floors.

Even though they are quite stealthy creatures, there are certain obvious signs that you have a mouse infestation in your home. These common warning signs include food packaging that was ripped open, mouse droppings around your home and, most annoyingly, loud scratching and gnawing sounds as they eat through foam insulation in your home.

Mice eating insulation in walls
Be prepared! Mice might be lurking behind your wall, eating away at your foam insulation

In this article you will learn how to prevent mice from gaining access to foam insulation in your home and what you should do if mice are already eating through your foam insulation.

How To Prevent Mice From Destroying Your Foam Insulation

As with any other pest control issue, prevention is by far the best measure you can take. If you plan on putting foam insulation anywhere in your home, keep in mind that mice can easily eat through it creating tunnels to walk through while keeping you awake at night with all the noise they will be making.

The best way to prevent mice from destroying your foam insulation is to be proactive and create a barrier around the foam insulation that they can not destroy. A great way of accomplishing this is to make a barrier out of mesh wiring that will surround the foam insulation. By doing this, the mice won’t be able to make their way past the mesh wiring, stopping them from destroying your foam insulation.

rolls of plastice and steel wire mesh in various sizes and patterns

Although this will stop mice from destroying your insulation and keeping you awake with scratching noises, it is by no means a solution to keep my out of your home.

How To Stop Mice From Destroying Your Foam Insulation

If you have a mouse infestation in your home and notice that they are eating through your foam insulation, there is not much you can do to stop them without completely removing the insulation and replacing it using a protective barrier like the one mentioned above.

Your best bet in this scenario is to exterminate bed bugs from your home and block any areas where they can access the insulation with mesh wiring. If the damage to the insulation is significant you should replace the insulation completely using the method above to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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