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Commercial Pest Management Services Overview

Every business has unique requirements, no matter what business you are in. Pestend experts are ready to face any challenge. Pestend designed a customized pest or wildlife management program according to your needs.

Pestend Inc. prides itself in being at the forefront of helping businesses stay pest free using an Integrative Pest Management (IPM) approach. The practice involves minimizing the usage of chemicals by putting treatment as the last option. We understand that every business is unique to itself, and as a result we develop an IPM program that is suited for your business.

Pestend Pest Control Toronto guarantees to completely eliminate any pest infestations for all our commercial clients in Toronto and surrounding areas as long each customer follows all recommendations provided by our commercial pest control technicians. We strive to be #1 at Pest Control in Toronto and the GTA and our guarantee ensures our customers get exactly that!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How does the Integrated Pest Management Approach
(IPM) work?

  1. Perform a thorough inspection of your business
  2. Identify any current or potential pest infestations and problem areas
  3. Communicate our findings and recommendations
  4. Address any current pest infestations, and develop a program with the focus of eliminating 3 ingredients pests need to survive: water, food, and shelter
  5. Continuous monitoring for a proactive approach
  6. Extensive documentation and reporting for successful third-party audits

In brief, the Integrative Pest Management (IPM) approach focuses on pest prevention rather than solely focusing on extermination. That is why at Pestend Inc. we focus on getting to the root of your problem, so we can design and deploy a long-term solution to keeping your facility pest free.

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Industries We Serve

commercial Pest Control Toronto


Toronto has become the tourist hub for Canada, drawing in millions of people every year. Consequently, the hotel industry experiences a high rate of turnover as people constantly come and go. Unfortunately, in many cases these individuals may bring unwanted pests into your hotel. Having pests can severely impact the reputation of your business and lead to low occupancy rates. More specifically, bed bugs have caused an epidemic in the hospitality industry. At Pestend Inc. we understand the importance of your hotel’s reputation for the success of your business. Our technicians have years of experience and knowledge allowing them to anticipate potential rodent, cockroach and bed bug activity. As a result, we can implement a proactive pest management approach with the focus of developing a long-term solution for your business.

Pest Control Services for Restaurants in Toronto


When it comes to the restaurant industry there are no shortages of pests. Restaurants provide an ideal environment for pests to inhabit. A pest siting at your restaurant can have a detrimental effect on your business. Moreover, pests can contaminate food and endanger the health of your customers. At Pestend Inc. we understand that having an effective pest control program is essential for the livelihood of your business. We go beyond the minimum requirements set by regulatory bodies, because we understand that your customers come to your restaurant to enjoy their meal in a clean and comfortable environment.

Industrial Pest Control Services in Toronto

Manufacturing and Warehousing

In manufacturing and warehouse facilities, pests pose a serious threat to the production and housing of your products. Pests like cockroaches, beetles, moths, mice, rats, and wildlife can hinder the production line. Not to mention warehousing inventory tends to attract rodents and insects, as it makes for ideal shelter and food sources. At Pestend Inc. we work hand in hand with our manufacturing and warehousing customers to develop unique programs to meet their facility’s needs.

Healthcare Pest Control Services in Toronto


As a healthcare facility, we understand that there is a zero tolerance for pests. Where the well being of your patients and employees matter most, there cannot be any compromise. Pest can carry disease and as a result run the risk of compromising the health of your patients and employees. For that reason, an integrated pest management program that prioritizes the health and safety of all patients and employees, is required in hospitals, dental offices, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. The professional at Pestend Inc. understand that every room must be considered when developing a solution that is minimally invasive to your facility.

Property Management Pest Control in Toronto

Property Management

Due to the nature of the business, pest related issues are omnipresent in property management. We understand property managers have a lot to deal with, and pests should not be one of them. Pests do not only deteriorate the value of your property, but can also lead to high resident turnover affecting your bottom line. When you work with Pestend Inc. you can expect a proactive approach that focuses on early detection. If a pest issue may arise, we provide efficient and effective service, so you can uphold the reputation of your building and build the trust of your tenants. Our highly skilled team will develop a solution that not only eliminates longstanding pests, but will also prevent them from returning.

Pest Control for Food Processing businesses in Toronto

Food Processing

Pest control plays a vital role in the food processing industry. Regardless of how well kept and clean a facility may be, pests still pose a threat to the well being of your business. Facilities that are involved in food processing and storage can provide optimal shelter and food sources for insects and rodents. Businesses with inadequate pest control potentially stand to lose thousands of dollars due to damaged and or infested merchandise. As a food processing facility, our mission is to help you meet or exceed all health, safety, and compliance guidelines.

Customer Reviews

Received Detailed Instructions

We had a roach’s issue. DYI did not work for us. Searching in the Interned, we found Pestend. We received detailed instructions how to be prepared for the visits. Javaid did the work, he was very professional. Service was done almost 2 months ago. So far, we have no more roaches. Hope they are not coming back. I recommend Pestend. Thanks, Javaid.

by  Alex - from North York-  on 22 November  2021

Price was Very Affordable

Thank you so much- I was finally able to get my father's chair moved into his Long Term Care home after the preventative treatment you applied to it. All your staff was very professional, especially Alex the tech who was able to get this done so quickly, he was great- your price was very affordable too. Thank you again

by  Sandra Zingarelli - from Richmond Hill-  on 16 November  2021

Good Results

I used Pestend services last week at my home . We were suffering from having some rats in between main floor and basement cilling running around and making noises all days and nights . This company worked in my house to help me get rid of them . Although it is just one week but I see good results after their service . Good job !!!

by Fatima- from Barrie-  on 11 November  2021

Extremely Satisfied

Javaid eliminated our pest problem as promised. Very thorough and professional in his work. Explained in detail the application of pesticides. Continuously followed up. Extremely satisfied. Highly recommended.

by Cecil- from Toronto-  on 07 November  2021

Knowledgeable Manner

R. Mansion was the technician that dealt with our pest issue. He provided excellent service in a friendly, knowledgeable manner and put our mind at ease. I recommend Pestend to anyone in need of pest control/elimination.

by Kevin- from Toronto-  on 14 October  2021

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