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Common Winter Pests

During the
winter months, especially in Canada, there is nothing better than staying
inside and watching snow blanket the ground outside. There’s no better feeling
than being warm and cozy indoors while the temperatures outside are below zero.
Our homes are such a comfortable place to reside that sadly, we can be joined
by pests seeking sanctuary from the freezing exterior. Pests will also seek shelter
in your home to get out of the cold.

In this blog,
we will break down the pests that will commonly try to share your space with
you in the winter and how to keep them away:

rat in the winter


Mice love warm,
secluded spaces with plenty of access to food. Their wants and needs make your
house the perfect shelter for them year-round but particularly in the winter.
Keep an eye out for them in your attic or basement. Even though mice are very small
and can be adorable, they can cause significant property damage by chewing
through walls and wires. They can also carry diseases, so it’s best to promptly
get rid of them if you sense you’re sharing your space with them. Keep your
eyes peeled for minuscule droppings and bite marks, particularly near food. To
avoid mice infestations, seal cracks or holes using caulk or steel wool outside
and inside your house. Before the winter months begin, clean any clutter from
your attic and basement and remove food from these areas.

mouse in the house


cold weather doesn’t stop cockroaches from making their way into your home.
These are the most common pests in the world, even during the winter months.
These insects are, in effect, hitch-hikers and can easily enter your home
through any items you bring from outside. To avoid roach infestations, keep
your floors spotlessly clean by mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping at least once
a week. Pay close attention to areas like under your stove and sink as food
waste and crumbs can gather here.


Bed bugs

Similarly, bed
bugs are fantastic hitch-hikers. Not only that, but they are excellent hiders!
They’re even smaller than cockroaches, so it can be tricky to notice you have
an infestation. Keep an eye out for tiny eggs or dark spots on sheets,
mattresses, tiny cracks around the home and even in outlets. Any small, dark
and cozy places make the perfect home for bed bugs, not just the bed. Even
though bed bugs can infest spotless areas, to avoid infestations, keep your
space clutter-free and wash your bedding in hot temperatures frequently. If you
have piles of clothes lying around, this is extremely attractive for bed bugs,
so ensure you store clothing hung up in a closet and not on your floor.

Boxelder bugs

Boxelder bugs
are typically found on, you guessed it, box elder trees, as well as maple and
ash trees. However, during the colder months, they can be found in your home
craving warmth. In autumn, they will typically gather on the outside walls of
your basement, attic or any nooks and crannies they can find, and then once
winter arrives, they will sneak into your home through any tiny cracks. Like
with the other pests on this list, ensure you’ve sealed any cracks outside of
your home, even if they’re minuscule. You should be particularly cautious if
you have maple, ash or box elder trees on your property. Keep these branches
trimmed so these pesky critters can’t simply crawl from the trees into your

box elder bugs

If you notice
any of the common winter pests on this list in your home, enlist professional
help immediately. Store-bought sprays may be a temporary solution but if you
want to permanently eradicate an infestation and prevent pests from entering
your house in the future, contact Pestend immediately.

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