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How to Keep your Home Rodent Free


If you’re a homeowner in the GTA, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the fear of discovering rodents at least once. The most effective way to prevent a growing rodent population is by tidying up your home.

As professional exterminators, we have lots of tips that you can follow to help keep out unwanted pests. To focus on rats and mice, we’ve compiled a few ways that you can ensure your home is clean, safe, and rodent-free.

Know what you’re Looking for

It can be hard to tell the visible difference between roof rats, Norway rats, and mice as they all attempt to stay hidden and move with speed. We encourage you to get familiar with the different types of mice and rats that can enter your home as a guideline for knowing what precautionary steps you should take.

Not sure if there are rodents living in your home? Here are some signs that will help you find out:

It’s hard to see a rat or mouse around as they are usually hidden in small spaces. Chewed holes in bags or boxes of dry goods is a clear indication that there are rodents around. This also applies to electrical wiring.

Thoroughly Clean your Home

mouse eating

We know how exhausting it is to clean every crack and crevice in your home on a regular basis. However, we highly recommend creating a cleaning schedule to assist with this process. Food crumbs, drips of water, and sources of heat are all attractive to a rodent. Having these out in the open can bring many types of pests into your home.

If you have already discovered rodents, ensure to clean and disinfect any crawlspaces to avoid any traces of diseases being left behind in your home.

Search the Foundation

Common entryways for rodents are the gaps where your house meets the ground. Any gaps should be filled or bridged to eliminate all risk. However, finding holes in your foundation can time-consuming, as they are usually not easy to spot. If your schedule is jam-packed, we’ve got your back! Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • Screen doors and windows:

    Open windows and screen doors are a rodent’s best friend. A simple fix to this problem is to install filters on all windows and ensure backyard doors are always completely closed.

  • Leaking pipes:

    Easy access to water can be another welcoming factor to rodents. Have your go-to handyman inspect your home for any appliances, faucets or pipes that may be leaking.

  • Holes and cracks:

    Any openings in your ventilation can be the path that your rodents take to enter your home. If you come across any holes or gaps, fill them right away. Not only can rodents enter, other pests can too.

Explore your Attic

attic, dusty attic

Do you have an attic that you’ve been avoiding creeping your head into? Now’s the time to check it out! The best place to set up traps is an attic. Aside from strategically placing traps, cleaning out your attic can make a dramatic difference in the number of rodents that are living in your home.

Attics are typically covered in dust and old boxes – making them a very attractive dwelling spot for rats. Therefore, cleaning out your attic by getting rid of things you no longer need can help reduce the chance of rodents hiding in your space.

Groom your Garden

As ridiculous as it may sound, roof-jumping is actually a thing that happens. Rodents will find any possible path that leads into your home, especially if the obstacles are minimal. Spend some time trimming back any trees around your roof that have long branches.

Always Close your Garage

Keeping your garage door open for long periods of time is an open invitation for mice and rats. Although having your garage open may not seem harmful, you’d be surprised at how many rodents can dash inside unnoticed.

Properly Store Pet Food

Have a pet? If so, you probably store lots of animal food inside your home. The aroma of dog/cat food, bird seed, grass seed, etc. can attract all types of rodents. To avoid this, keep the food in airtight containers.

Set up Traps

mouse traps

If you’ve ever been worried about a rodent infestation, then you’ve probably considered getting traps. Setting up a few around problematic areas of your home such as your garage or attic should do the trick. However, you must ensure that you use convincing bait. Contrary to popular belief, leaving a block of cheese on a trap won’t always work. Depending on what type of rodent you are trying to catch, we recommend the following:

  • Rat traps:

    Peanut butter, bacon, fruits, vegetables, cereals or meats

  • Mice traps:

    Peanut butter, chocolate, oats or nesting materials such as cotton or string

Hire Professionals to Disinfect your Home

exterminatorWhile there are many precautionary measures you can take to avoid dealing with rodents, there is still a chance that some may enter your home.

Here at Pestend, we specialize in pest control services, wildlife control, bed bug extermination, and more. We are happy to help you clean out your space by offering expert assistance at an affordable price. We know how important it is for homeowners to feel comfortable and safe in their own environment, which is why we offer a free estimate service and a money back guarantee.

If you’re tired of trying to chase a rat’s tail, visit our website to learn more.

We believe that the most important part of ensuring your space is completely sanitary is by removing all traces of rodents and pests. To be confident that your home is rat free, contact us today!