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Groundhog Removal Toronto

Groundhog Removal Toronto

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Affordable Pest Control Groundhog Removal

Why Hire Pestend For Groundhog Removal?

Groundhogs can become a pest, especially for garden owners and farmers.Groundhogs can also damage property for anyone that has a backyard. Therefore Pestend Has Customized a Groundhog removal service which allows us to capture all Groundhogs and reintroduce them back into the wild without harming them or their families.

To get a free Groundhog control estimate for your commercial or residential property please call us and ask for an price estimate.

Interesting Groundhog Facts & Information

1.8-4.5 kg (4-10 lbs).
Overall Length:
42-82 cm (16′-32′).
10-15 cm in length; bushy; Black in colour.
Reddish brown to black, grey Tipped hairs.
4 on front feet, five on back feet; black feet.
Short and blunt.
Round pellets, usually found In a separate chamber in burrow.
Excellent at long distances.

Pestend Pest Control Toronto provides groundhog removal services in Toronto and throughout southern Ontario. The groundhog lives in burrows in pastures. Burrows have openings from 20-30 cm across and can be 1.8 meters deep to 10 meters long. They hibernate below ground in hedgerows or woods rather than the pasture burrows. Mating occurs in the spring. A single litter of 4-5 young is born in April or early May. The young disperse after about 2 months to live a solitary life. Groundhogs will usually enter into hibernation by October.

They feed on green vegetation and forage crops such as clover, alfalfa, and green vegetables such as beans. They are most active in the early morning and late afternoon. They are sun-loving animals, often sunning themselves on the dirt mound in front of the burrow entrance. They are excellent swimmers and climbers. On occasion they can be seen scanning the horizon from the top of a fence post. If the pasture they occupy is disturbed, they will often relocate to an adjacent field. Groundhogs are beneficial in moderate numbers, by contributing to aeration and turning over subsoil for transformation into topsoil. Vacant burrows can be used by other mammals such as rabbits, mice, voles, weasels, skunks, and foxes if enlarged.

Groundhog Control:
Every wildlife control Toronto job is unique and getting rid of groundhogs requires special skills, knowledge, tools, materials and methods. The technicians at Pestend have specialized training in removing wild animals including groundhogs from areas in the home like attics, chimneys and walls, and areas such as crawl spaces, outdoor sheds and other hard to reach places underneath buildings. We are able to customize groundhog removal solutions in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, Oakville and Brampton.

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