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  • Mice extermination is our specialty. We have developed time tested and proven mouse control techniques to completely exterminate all mice on your residential or commercial property in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.
  • Our mice control Toronto services are highly affordable and much lower than other mice control Toronto experts charge.
  • If we re not able to completely eradicate and solve all your mouse control Toronto problems, we will give you all your money back – no questions asked.
  • We offer our commercial mouse control clients, with effective mice prevention and management programs which will ensure any future mice infestations are prevented.
  • We are local and serve the Greater Toronto Area. Our services are convenient and available 24 hour a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year!

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Mouse Control Toronto

How To Get Rid Of Mice?

Toronto mice control

This guide explains best ways to get rid of mice in house:

Step 1: Determine the extent of the mice infestation. If you notice that there are one a few mice droppings vs a very large amount of droppings. Mice droppings look like small black rice grains. If you have a very large infestation, its best to hire a professional mice control expert to solve your problem.

Step 2: Identify mice entry points and locations. Any small holes in the floor, cupboards, washrooms, laundry rooms, garages, basements and anywhere where you see droppings, or mice is a likely spot. Start by looking at all baseboards and seal any hole that is larger than half a centimeter.

Step 3: Seal all the holes either with heavy duty glue or with steel wool.

Step 4: Set up mouse traps in all possible infestation sites. Use peanut butter instead of cheese and rub the peanut butter well on the trap to ensure the mice gets trapped. Use disposable mouse traps to prevent disease. If you have big rats then you will need large traps as the little ones can wound them and they will slowly die in the hole and rot. Humane traps are also available and work very well.

Step 5: Bring in a cat. Cats are excellent at catching mice and are a cheap alternative, however it might take many months for a cat to catch all the mice.

Step 6: In order to prevent mice from coming back, make sure all food is tightly sealed in steel or durable bins so mice can not penetrate and eat the food. Mice eat all types of food so everything must be protected. Keep garbage bins far away from your home.

For more detail information on how to get rid of mice read below:

Mouse Control Toronto & Other Cities We Service

We offer professional rat control and mouse control services in the following cities and towns in Southern Ontario: rat & mouse control Toronto, mice control Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Oakville, Scarborough, Vaughan, Aurora, Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, Kitchener, and a variety of other towns and cities throughout Southern Ontario Canada. Click on your city on the map below to book one of our mouse control professionals today.

  • – Ajax
  • – Aurora
  • – Barrie
  • – Bolton
  • – Bradford
  • – Brampton
  • – Burlington
  • – Caledon
  • – Cambridge
  • – Etobicoke
  • – Georgetown
  • – Guelph
  • – Halton Hills
  • – Hamilton
  • – Markham
  • – Milton
  • – Mississauga
  • – Newmarket
  • – North York
  • – Oakville
  • – Oshawa
  • – Richmond Hill
  • – Scarborough
  • – Stouffville
  • – Thornhill
  • – Toronto
  • – Vaughan
  • – Woodbridge

Physical Characteristics

Body Weight::Small, weighing close to 15 grams (about 1/2 oz.)

Length:Approximately 75 mm (about 6.8″)

Tail:Darkly coloured and a little longer than the body length, measuring approx. 90 mm (about 3.5″)

Colour:Fur is typically brownish gray and gray on the belly

Toes:Five toes on two back feet and four toes on two front feet

Snout:Nose is tapered.

Ears:Big ears with a few hair

Droppings:Spindle or rod shaped (about 6mm or Œ” long)

Reproduction and Litter Size

If there is enough food and shelter, the female mouse has an average litter size of five to six baby mice and can produce as many as eight litters during her lifetime. The lifespan of a house mouse is normally one year and a baby mouse reaches maturity near the six week mark.

Preferred Habitat

This small rodent may be found outdoors during the summer months where it can find shelter burrowing in hidden areas close to buildings, sidewalks or undergrowth, but prefers shelter inside buildings when the weather starts to get colder. This is part of the reason why Toronto mice control is necessary. These rodents can live anywhere in a house, including the basement all the way to the attic. Their nesting sites can include spaces between walls and under floors, and hidden or enclosed spaces under counters or around cupboards. A mouse is able to shred soft material like cloth or paper which is generally used to build the nest.

Favorite Foods

The common house mouse primarily prefers to eat cereals and seeds, although it will consume any food it can find. It limits its search for food to one or two rooms (an approximate twelve meter circle) within a house. Nibbling and eating irregularly, a house mouse only needs a small amount of water and very little dry food (approx. 3 grams) every day. One dominant male mouse usually lives with several females.
This species of rodent, like all others, will gnaw the incisors at the front top of its mouth with the bottom ones to keep the front teeth sharp. This enables it to chew through wood and a variety of other hard materials like aluminum, soft mortar and even pavement.

Chewing, Jumping and Climbing Abilities

Not only can these small rodents vertically jump approximately 30 cm (about 12″) and squeeze through holes as small as 12 mm (about œ”) wide, they can also climb up walls or most other vertical surfaces. These special skills allow the house mouse to easily enter or discover ways to invade a building. Primarily nocturnal, the mouse has developed a keen sense of hearing, as well as rodent touch receptors which help it discover new objects in its path and alert it to any danger during its nightly activities.

Customer Reviews

Most Professional

I was looking for pest control companies on Google after seeing a mouse in my house last weekend. I made a few calls and found Pestend to be the most professional and responsive: the two key aspects I am looking for. They were priced well and had a promotion but was very impressed with Sharda and our technician Faraz. He was very knowledgeable and not only did he take the time to walk through my home, he educated me on prevention methods. Would highly recommend!

by David C - from Toronto -  on 18 March 2021

Highly Recommended

Tried to catch the mouse by myself for 2 days and was not successful. Called Pestend at 9 am and Javaid was at my house at 1:15 pm. Javaid was very professional, he really cared about his service and checked every corner inside and outside the house . Highly recommended

by Atina Gorgiev - from Toronto -  on 10 January 2021

Very Friendly

Alex is a very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous professional. Firstly, he kept us apprised of his exact arrival time. Next, he knew where to look for mice evidence and was patient in explaining rationales and answering my questions. I recommend him highly!

by Gary - from Toronto -  on 08 January 2021


Extremely pleased with service I received today from Pestend. The technician was knowledgeable, thorough and very helpful in assisting to discover where the mice might be entering the building!! He patiently explained rodent behavior and answers all our questions!

by Carol - from Toronto -  on 22 September 2020


Very good service by phone staff, G and Luke(sorry if names are spelled wrong), and technician Salman. Thorough, professional, efficient, helpful, and gave me great peace of mind with my mice problem. Will highly recommend.

by  Komal - from Mississauga -  on 1 June 2020


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