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Mar 2021
Managing pest problems in summer
26-April-2021 – Summer brings out the sun, which also brings with it loads of fun, and unfortunately, many bugs. No one wants bugs around them, but pests typically infest homes during summertime. As the temperature rises in the summer, pests come out of their winter slumber and reach your home searching for food. The most common summer pests are ants, rats, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and wasps. These bugs are not just annoying but they also carry many health risks. If you are facing a pest problem, contact Pestend in Toronto. They can help keep your home pest-free and protect your health and that of your loved ones.
Feb 2021
Cockroaches Can Make You Sick
Cockroaches may not start a public health crisis, but as carriers of intestinal diseases, including diarrhoea, typhoid fever, dysentery and the dreaded cholera, they can prove detrimental to your health. These are clever insects that hide effectively to escape detection. If you’ve spotted a lone cockroach in your living room, there may be more and they may come out in the night to find food and water. Have kids in the house? A cockroach allergy can trigger or even cause asthma in children. Cockroach control in Toronto from a professional pest control service can do its bit to protect your health and avoid preventable health issues.
Jan 2021
Bed Bugs May Be Much Older Than You Thought
A study on the family tree of bed bugs has revealed bed bugs may be older than the T.Rex and the Triceratops. That makes them almost 115 years old on this planet. This finding also negates the claim that bats were the first victims of these parasites. This evidence was found by comparing the genetic samples of 34 bed bug species with a fossil preserved in amber that is 100 million years old. No wonder terminating these creatures is so tough. Bed bugs exterminators in Toronto have a lot of work at hand.
Dec 2020
Ottawa Landlords and Tenants Set New Standards for Controlling Pest Problems
30-Dec-2020 – The Ottawa city committee has introduced a new set of standards for both landlords and tenants to maintain rental properties and handling pest issues. The proposed standards seek to address the issues of both groups on either side of the city’s rental divide. Social housing, as well as short-term and long-term properties, would fall under the purview of the new changes. As per the new bylaw, landlords in the city need to conduct preventive inspections, provide necessary instructions to tenants for controlling pest infestations, and create a concrete capital maintenance plan. Since pests are a big problem, a professional service like Pestend in Toronto can prove extremely useful.
Nov 2020
Saskatchewan Residents Grappling with Rodent Problems on Top of the Pandemic
25-Nov-2020 – 2020 seems to be bad for Saskatchewan residents, and it’s not just because of the pandemic. Several companies in this Canadian province report receiving a higher number of calls this year from residents complaining about rodents. While March to July typically tends to be when a higher number of rodent complaints are received, the complaints this year haven’t stopped with July ending. Residents calling to make insurance claims are keeping companies busy in the Queen City. Evidence of the increase in the mice population is also supported by the fact that a large brood of birds feeding on mice was seen during the springtime. While authorities look for ways to get rid of the mice population, they’re also left confused about this abnormal rise as Saskatchewan hadn’t experienced excessive snowfall in the previous winter to warrant such an increase. Mice are problematic and pose health risks for you and your family. To get rid of them effectively, contact the professional exterminators at Pestend in Toronto today.
Oct 2020
Trudeau’s Government Offers Over $68 Million in Fight Against Mountain Pine Beetle
The federal government has decided to spend a massive $68.4 million to fight one of the most invasive beetles in Canada – the mountain pine beetle. This beetle made its first appearance in the country about 15 years ago in B.C., and since then, has killed millions of trees in the province. They have also made their way to Alberta and Saskatchewan, damaging huge acres of forests. According to Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan, the mountain pine beetle has caused massive destruction in Canada, including damaging its forests and economy, while also increasing risk to wildlife. Pests of all kinds are rampant across the country. If your property shows any signs of infestation, make sure to call the professional exterminators at Pestend in Toronto to help you get rid of any kind of pest that is invading your home!
Sep 2020
Look Out For These Common Pests This Fall
As we enter fall, Canadians everywhere need to be on the lookout for several pests that are likely to be found in the homes. While the season ushers in beautiful sceneries and fresh, crisp mornings, the pests it also brings along can cause immense nuisances. This fall, you are likely to see plenty of cluster flies, Asian lady beetles and mice scurrying around in and around your property. Cluster flies may look like common house flies at first glance, but they are bigger and darker in colour. Their presence often attracts other insects, which is why it’s crucial that they don’t invade your home. Asian lady beetles often come in large numbers, and their bite, although not harmful, can easily irritate the skin. They also have an unpleasant odour. You don’t need any warnings about the damage a rat infestation can cause! To protect your property from these pests, call the professional exterminators at Pestend in Toronto.
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