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May 2019
Vancouver Most Rodent-Infested City in British Columbia
15-May-2019 – According to new data, Vancouver is yet again the most rodent-infested city in British Columbia. This is the third consecutive time that the city has managed to bag the top rank. After Vancouver, Victoria comes second, followed by Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey, all of which maintained their top five positions, similar to the rankings from last year. Vancouver had a string of incidents earlier this year regarding rodent problems. One such incident was when a dead rodent was found in a bowl of clam chowder in a restaurant, which is now closed. This shows that residential homes, as well as commercial spaces, can be sites for rodent infestation, especially when there is a lack of maintenance. Toronto follows closely in 2nd place, so make sure to call Pestend if you see any signs of rodents.
Apr 2019
East York Residents Continues to Struggle with Rat Infestation Problem
17-April-2019 – Residents in the Danforth-Woodbine area of Toronto have been struggling with a rodent infestation problem for two decades, and it doesn’t seem like their problem is going away any time soon. In a period of ten years, as many as 450 complaints about rat infestation were lodged by the residents. To make things worse, the last three to four years have seen an increase in the number of rats that crawl into their properties. Rat traps that they have laid don’t even work anymore, residents reported. Some residents complain that the rats are causing damage to their driveways because of all the tunneling they have done over the past years. Not only this, the insides of their homes have been attacked too as rats make their way inside through cracks, toilets, and dryer vents. The best solution in such situations is to call Pestend to ensure that your property is rodent-free.
Mar 2019
Biting Centipedes Invading Canadian Homes
18-Mar-2019 – This spring, experts warn that centipedes will be invading many homes across Canada in search of places to lay their eggs. The Scutigera Coleoptrata, which is commonly referred to as a house centipede, is expected to make way to your homes. The worst part is that this kind of centipede bites. Also, it often lays eggs in the dozens, all of which will come crawling out of their eggs together if the centipede ever decides to make a corner of your house its home. Often, house centipedes can enter your home through your shower and sink drains, and through small openings. They like to settle in tiny, dark corners, where they are likely not to be noticed. Make sure you and your family are safe from biting centipedes this spring by calling the Pestend pest exterminators.
Feb 2019
Sudbury Makes it to Ontario’s Top 5 Cities with Most Rats and Rodents
18-Feb-2019 – According to a list recently released by Orkin Canada, a pest control company, Sudbury is now the fifth “rattiest” city in Ontario. Toronto is the city to top the list, while Mississauga comes in second, followed by Scarborough and Ottawa. The list is based on the number of residential as well as commercial rodent treatments, which the company carried out in 2018. This throws light yet again on the importance of regularly checking your perimeters and walls so that rodents do not have a chance to enter and infest your home. Since rodents can enter even through tiny holes and can spread all kinds of diseases, it is necessary to make sure that you do not have any entry points. If you find any rats or mice in your home, make sure to call Pestend’s professional pest exterminators.
Jan 2019
Product Recal for Fear of Insect Presence
15 Jan 2019 – After discovering that their 1kg Organic White Rice may contain insects, Rice Select has recalled the products from stores. The recall only included Rice Select products which were purchased in Quebec and Ontario. Accidentally ingesting items you shouldn’t consume in the first place is not only unhygienic, but it can also cause various health issues. The hazard of this product recall is in class three, meaning that it poses a low health risk if the food is ingested. However, despite the low risk, finding insects and bugs in your food is never a pleasant surprise. This is an example of how careful Canadians must be before they consume anything. Call us for commercial Pest Control in Canada.
Dec 2018
Residents Of Apartment Complex Complain Of Bedbugs
20 Dec 2018 – Residents of a housing complex called Ralston Towers are complaining that they have bed bugs in their apartments for months. Bed bugs can cause itchiness and rashes in your body, and are generally unsafe and unhygienic. The residents of Ralston Towers say that they have reached out to management a number of times, but nothing has been done to solve the issue so far. This is just one among many incidents where residents of apartment complexes are facing a rising bug, pest and rodent problems. With the colder months here, you too may witness an increasing rodent, bugs or pest problem whether at home or work. If this is an issue, make sure to reach out to the best exterminators Canada has to offer.
Jul 2018
Toxic pesticides carry serious health risks
20 July 2018 – In the US, professional pest control companies use annually up to 45 million pounds worth of pesticides to get rid of pests in homes or gardens. According to the CDC (Center of Disease Control) 90% of humans have at least 43 different pesticides in their bodies. According to an expert, 93 percent or more of these toxic chemicals are not tested on children’s nervous systems that are at the developing phase. A previous study that was published in a scientific journal highlighted that children who had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a type of cancer – were seven times as likely as healthy children to have been raised in a home where toxic pesticides were sprayed. Many toxic chemicals used in pesticides are linked to different health conditions including certain cancers, reproductive disorders, birth defects and neurological problems. It is best to hire professional pest control companies like Pestend that use eco-friendly and non-toxic pesticides to eliminate pests in a safe way.
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