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Dec 2019
Cougar Trapped by Mistake in B.C.
17-Dec-2020 – Wildlife officials said a cougar was caught unintentionally near Williams Lake, B.C., earlier last week. The Conservation Officer Service of B.C., in a Twitter message, said that a young female cougar got trapped by accident. It was later tranquillized, freed and moved to another location. According to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, the officers remained in the location to make sure the cougar recovered safely and then watched the wild cat walk away. Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are the most powerful and the largest of wild cat species found in Canada. With a small head and long legs, the cougar can weigh as much as 100 kilograms. Cougars hunt deer typically, but will also eat bighorn sheep, young moose and other smaller animals such as squirrels and rabbits. Every year, pest control agencies get several calls regarding cougar sightings. If you see a cougar or any other wild animal, contact your local pest control company to ensure safe and humane capture and release of these endangered animals.
Oct 2019
Survey Finds an Increase in Rat Sightings Across Canada
16-October-2019 – According to a survey, which was recently conducted by Canada’s Public Health Inspectors, there has been a significant rise in rat complaints and rodent sightings across Canada, especially in big cities like Toronto. Experts say that late fall is the perfect time for rats to try and get inside your homes and offices through gaps and damaged doors. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of snow isn’t ideal if you want to get rid of rodents because the snow acts as an insulating blanket for their burrows. If you suspect you have rats in your property, call Pestend in Toronto to have professional pest exterminators remove them; to solve your rodent issue effectively.
Sep 2019
Government Buildings Across Canada Face Pest Problems
18-September-2019 – Workplaces are spaces that must be safe, clean and hygienic, but for the employees of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, it is quite the opposite. With bed bugs, bats and mice running around in their office, the employees in the Canadian government building are always on their toes. According to reports, the workers union in the building has already filed a complaint with the management, but the problem still is not solved. This forced the employees to stage a demonstration outside their office building for the management to pay attention to the many pest problems they face. Days later, news of similar pests found in other government buildings was reported, which clearly shows there is a surge of such various pests across the country. If you have the same problem, make sure to call Pestend in Toronto for professional pest exterminators to get rid of unwanted pests immediately.
Aug 2019
New Trucks Goes Up in Flames Because of Rat’s Nest Under the Hood
14-August-2019 – A woman living in New Waterford was woken up in the middle of the night by the police to be informed that her truck has gone up in flames. On further investigation, it was found out that a huge rat nest under the hood was ignited by the heat of the engine, which then caused the fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Incidents like these are becoming increasingly common across Canada. While some people have their car wires chewed on by rats, squirrels, mice, and other pests, some Canadians have to deal with these rodents getting inside their vehicles, causing more severe problems. While these pests may be tiny, the problems they cause are anything but. Make sure your vehicle and/or home are under control from pests by having professional pest exterminators do their work. Call Pestend today!
Jul 2019
Study Finds American Forests are Being Destroyed by Invasive Pests at an Alarming Rate
17-July-2019 – A study released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that invasive pests are quickly killing-off trees across the US, damaging forests and their ability to take in and store carbon. These invasive species, which have come to the US from foreign countries, include pests and the diseases they carry, which domestic trees in North America have no natural defence against. The study reported that 15 invasive pests and diseases had damaged trees that are responsible for holding as much as six million tons of carbon every year. It was also found that up to 41 percent of forests are at risk from being destroyed by these invasive pests. With the increasing threat that pests pose, make sure that you and your family are safe. Contact Pestend today for professional pest extermination.
Jun 2019
Lake and Surroundings Infested with Huge Swarm of Flies
14-June-2019 – It is the season when bugs and all kinds of insects come out to play, and it’s no surprise that there have been many cases of bug infestations all over the world. For instance, it has been reported that Lake Saint Clair in Michigan has a huge swarm of mayflies during this time. These bugs are reported to cover trees, boats and even buildings around the lake. The bug infestation is so bad that a couple that went out for a walk by the lake found themselves covered in mayflies. They said that the bugs were “all over their bodies.” This is just one example of the many cases of insect and bug infestations that have been happening recently. Canada too has a number of similar cases where houses and commercial spaces struggle with the same problem. If you face bug problems, remember that it is best to call professional exterminators from Pestend.
May 2019
Vancouver Most Rodent-Infested City in British Columbia
15-May-2019 – According to new data, Vancouver is yet again the most rodent-infested city in British Columbia. This is the third consecutive time that the city has managed to bag the top rank. After Vancouver, Victoria comes second, followed by Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey, all of which maintained their top five positions, similar to the rankings from last year. Vancouver had a string of incidents earlier this year regarding rodent problems. One such incident was when a dead rodent was found in a bowl of clam chowder in a restaurant, which is now closed. This shows that residential homes, as well as commercial spaces, can be sites for rodent infestation, especially when there is a lack of maintenance. Toronto follows closely in 2nd place, so make sure to call Pestend if you see any signs of rodents.
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