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Jan 2017

January 12 2017 – Just like Pestend Pest Control Toronto, pest control companies in Vancouver have been very busy this winter. One pest control professional says he is about 60% busier than the same time last year to be exact, and it is primarily to do a sudden increase in rodent infestations all around Vancouver. While many people think there has been a spike in the rodent population, pest control professionals agree that the increase in rodent infestations is primarily due to the unusually cold weather in Vancouver this winter. When it is this cold out for an extended period of time, rodents need to find a warm place to live right away or they will die. Burrowing into the frozen ground is not an option so instead they look for any man-made shelter that they can infiltrate.

Dec 2016

December 24 2016 – There have been several complaints recently regarding the sudden spike in rat populations in Peterborough ON. Long time resident, Margaret Lewis, claims that she has seen more rats in a 2 day period than she has seen in the city over the past several years. Lewis presumes that the sudden increase in rat populations could be due to a new bylaw which requires cats to be put on leashes when outdoors. As a result, rats have been able to roam freely without worrying about being killed by cats. To curve the recent spike in rat populations, Peterborough’s health unit has provided some advice to make local homes less attractive to rats, which includes not piling wood in your backyard, keeping grass and weeds trimmed and storing bird feed in tightly sealed metal containers.

Nov 2016

November 22 2016 – Rabies cases have been on the rise in Ontario this year, specifically in the Hamilton area. In total there has been 246 cases of rabies found in Ontario in 2016, compared to 86 cases in the rest of Canada. The outbreak was first discovered in a raccoon last December that was diagnosed with rabies after fighting two dogs in Hamilton. Since this outbreak was reported, several initiatives have been taken to control the issue, including the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources airdropping approximately one million baits containing an anti-rabies vaccine. Hopefully this and further initiatives get the rabies problem in Ontario under control.

Oct 2016

October 24 2016 – Pestend Pest Control Toronto has been featured on CBC News this October 2016, regarding a relatively unknown bug turning up in droves around North York and Etobicoke. Known as boxelder bugs, these little nuisance pests have been appearing on peoples homes to soak in the sunlight. Once the door is opened, however, these bugs fly inside so they can secure a warm place for the cold winter months that are coming. We alerted CBC News that we have never seen so many of these bugs before but assure Canadians that they are not a threat to humans or the structure of a home. Call us today for a free pest control estimate in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Sep 2016

September 22 2016 – A giant wasps nest was discovered in a vacant loft space in Peterborough ON this week. No one has lived in this loft space for several years, which is what allowed the wasps to build such an incredible structure without being disturbed. It is described as being much bigger than a barrel and has an intricate tunnel that leads to the outside of the house. Pest control professional Gary Wilkinson accidentally discovered the giant nest while he was treating a woodworm problem so that new tenants can move into the home. It is expected that a nest this size can house anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 wasps.

Aug 2016

August 23 2016 – Rat populations have surged in recent years across Nova Scotia by as much as 20% in some regions of the province. One of the main reasons for this surge is the weather experienced in recent winters. Last year, for example, was a very mild winter which allowed most rats to withstand a season that normally kills off large numbers of them. The winter prior to that had a lot of snowfall, which again, allowed rats to stay out of the fierce winter winds by taking cover under the snow. So with this surge in rat populations, it is important for homeowners to be on high alert by making their property rodent proof. Some quick ways to do this are keep piled up wood away from the home, seal any small holes leading into your home and make sure any bird feeders around your property do not spill too many seeds that they can feed on.

Jul 2016

July 29 2016 – Fanshawe college in London ON recently had to call in a pest control company to exterminate bed bugs from their library. This has students for the upcoming school year worried, and for good reason. Bed bugs are much more resilient than they used to be as the new generation of these nasty pests is resistant to most extermination products on the market. On top of this resistance to pesticides, people have a lot more stuff in their homes these days than in the 70’s when bed bugs were nearly eradicated from North America, giving them many more areas to hide in a home. Pest experts warn that DIY bed bug treatments just won’t cut it and may in fact make the problem worse. It takes an experienced bed bug exterminator to know which combination of treatments will be required to eradicate bed bugs from a home.

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