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Sep 2017
22 September 2017 – Wasp stings are getting more frequent. A Whitehorse pest control service provider says he received twice as many calls this summer than in the previous years. Yellow jackets, hornets and honeybees are the most common species in Toronto. While bees are usually harmless and do not attack unless provoked, wasps tend to be more aggressive.With the temperature drops in winter starting September onward, wasps become lazy and most of them tend to also get killed by the sudden frost. It is right in the middle of these two seasons that wasps become more active and aggressive. As the queen gets busy laying more eggs, the now-grown wasps are out and about scavenging for food in parks, schools, shopping centers and eateries.
Aug 2017
18 August 2017 – Toronto residents are reporting more skunk and raccoon sightings this year. According to the Animal Services department of Toronto, there were 72 calls regarding injured or dead skunks in 2016. But in 2017, the department has already received 339 calls for skunks. The department reports a rise in raccoon population as well. Some areas in Toronto have more than hundred raccoons per square kilometer. Experts believe that while the population of skunks has not dramatically increased, the rise in sightings at this time of the year can be attributed to the baby season. Being den dwellers, skunks tend to burrow underneath porches or sheds. Many professional skunk removal services humanely remove them by allowing them to escape through a one-way door.
Jul 2017
July 11 2017 – Lady Bugs To The Rescue!!! Sounds odd but it’s true when it comes to pest control. Lady Bugs are one of the best natural and environmentally friendly pest control options available when it comes to getting rid of invasive pests like aphids that can do a lot of damage to plants. So good at pest control, in fact, that the city of Regina is releasing 300,000 ladybugs in the city to wage war against these invasive pests. Pest experts say that by doing this the need for pesticides in the city will be reduced. Other Canadian cities should learn from Regina, who even released a herd of 100 goats in May to graze on an invasive weed and once again reduce the need for chemical treatments.
Jun 2017
June 21 2017 – Early this week was quite possibly one of the craziest pest infestation stories we have seen in a while. For about the past 10 years or so, one Toronto homeowner says she was living with bees in the walls of her home. She never realized how severe the infestation was until one of her friends pressed his ear against a wall and heard how loud the buzzing was. When the local Toronto pest control company came in to remove the Italian honey bees, they found an infestation that had grown to around 100,000 in population. Due to depleting bee populations in the wild, the pest control company carefully removed and relocated the bees to a bee farm making it an environmentally friendly pest removal at its best.
May 2017
May 15 2017 – When you think of wildlife invasion issues in Toronto, what normally comes to mind is squirrels, opossums, raccoons and maybe the odd fox or coyote, animals that are not usually considered to be a serious threat to humans. On the night of May 14th, there was another wildlife species that gave quite a scare to residents in a Scarborough neighborhood. At around 10pm a black bear was spotted making its way through backyards, rummaging through garbage bins and even banging on one residents door. After about 4 hours of tracking the animal and trying to get an available officer from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to handle the situation safely, Toronto Police felt that they had no choice but to shoot and kill the black bear in order to maintain public safety which they see as a top priority.
Apr 2017
April 15 2017 – Toronto city council has approved a new bylaw which will become effective on July 1st protecting tenants that have pest complaints. This new bylaw will require all property owners in Toronto who manage a property that is minimum 3 storeys high with at least 10 units to respond to any tenant pest complaints within 72 hours of receiving the notice. All pest related issues will need to be inspected by a licensed pest extermination company and will require that tenants are informed with a written notice upon completion of the inspection. The bylaw will also disallow landlords from renting properties that have an ongoing pest infestation until it is handled accordingly. Hopefully, this will help Torontonians as a whole in the constant battle against pest infestations.
Mar 2017
March 15 2017 – Whenever you find a pest infestation in your home, it is almost always advisable to call in a pest control professional. There are several reasons for this, most importantly that a pest control company will know exactly what treatment should be used to safely exterminate each type of pest. A 21 year old man in Maine learned this the hard way as he burned down his house, killing his dog and two cats, in an attempt to get rid of an ant infestation. As he was killing ants with wooden matches, one of the matches ignited combustible materials in the basement which quickly spread flames throughout the house. This is an extreme case of a do-it-yourself extermination going wrong, but nonetheless, you are always safer calling a pest control professional who will safely and effectively rid your home of pests.
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