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May 2017
May 15 2017 – When you think of wildlife invasion issues in Toronto, what normally comes to mind is squirrels, opossums, raccoons and maybe the odd fox or coyote, animals that are not usually considered to be a serious threat to humans. On the night of May 14th, there was another wildlife species that gave quite a scare to residents in a Scarborough neighborhood. At around 10pm a black bear was spotted making its way through backyards, rummaging through garbage bins and even banging on one residents door. After about 4 hours of tracking the animal and trying to get an available officer from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to handle the situation safely, Toronto Police felt that they had no choice but to shoot and kill the black bear in order to maintain public safety which they see as a top priority.
Apr 2017
April 15 2017 – Toronto city council has approved a new bylaw which will become effective on July 1st protecting tenants that have pest complaints. This new bylaw will require all property owners in Toronto who manage a property that is minimum 3 storeys high with at least 10 units to respond to any tenant pest complaints within 72 hours of receiving the notice. All pest related issues will need to be inspected by a licensed pest extermination company and will require that tenants are informed with a written notice upon completion of the inspection. The bylaw will also disallow landlords from renting properties that have an ongoing pest infestation until it is handled accordingly. Hopefully, this will help Torontonians as a whole in the constant battle against pest infestations.
Mar 2017
March 15 2017 – Whenever you find a pest infestation in your home, it is almost always advisable to call in a pest control professional. There are several reasons for this, most importantly that a pest control company will know exactly what treatment should be used to safely exterminate each type of pest. A 21 year old man in Maine learned this the hard way as he burned down his house, killing his dog and two cats, in an attempt to get rid of an ant infestation. As he was killing ants with wooden matches, one of the matches ignited combustible materials in the basement which quickly spread flames throughout the house. This is an extreme case of a do-it-yourself extermination going wrong, but nonetheless, you are always safer calling a pest control professional who will safely and effectively rid your home of pests.
Feb 2017
February 1 2017 – Health Canada has recently announced that they are going to take tougher action against the importation of unregistered pest control products. Unregistered pest control products have been allowed to enter Canada in small amounts in order to let travellers bring insect repellent with them into the country. The problem is that online retailers took advantage of this allowance, which resulted in them selling these insect repellents to Canadian consumers online. Health Canada will now put stricter restrictions on these products, banning all online sales of unregistered pest control products and making it more difficult even for travellers to bring them into the country.
Jan 2017
January 12 2017 – Just like Pestend Pest Control Toronto, pest control companies in Vancouver have been very busy this winter. One pest control professional says he is about 60% busier than the same time last year to be exact, and it is primarily to do a sudden increase in rodent infestations all around Vancouver. While many people think there has been a spike in the rodent population, pest control professionals agree that the increase in rodent infestations is primarily due to the unusually cold weather in Vancouver this winter. When it is this cold out for an extended period of time, rodents need to find a warm place to live right away or they will die. Burrowing into the frozen ground is not an option so instead they look for any man-made shelter that they can infiltrate.
Dec 2016
December 24 2016 – There have been several complaints recently regarding the sudden spike in rat populations in Peterborough ON. Long time resident, Margaret Lewis, claims that she has seen more rats in a 2 day period than she has seen in the city over the past several years. Lewis presumes that the sudden increase in rat populations could be due to a new bylaw which requires cats to be put on leashes when outdoors. As a result, rats have been able to roam freely without worrying about being killed by cats. To curve the recent spike in rat populations, Peterborough’s health unit has provided some advice to make local homes less attractive to rats, which includes not piling wood in your backyard, keeping grass and weeds trimmed and storing bird feed in tightly sealed metal containers.
Nov 2016
November 22 2016 – Rabies cases have been on the rise in Ontario this year, specifically in the Hamilton area. In total there has been 246 cases of rabies found in Ontario in 2016, compared to 86 cases in the rest of Canada. The outbreak was first discovered in a raccoon last December that was diagnosed with rabies after fighting two dogs in Hamilton. Since this outbreak was reported, several initiatives have been taken to control the issue, including the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources airdropping approximately one million baits containing an anti-rabies vaccine. Hopefully this and further initiatives get the rabies problem in Ontario under control.
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