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Oct 2014
01 October 2014 – New research from the University of Chicago, shows that rodents such as mice have a specific self-defence mechanism in their stomachs that gets activated only when mice get sick. These findings are interesting to researchers because they can potentially be used to help humans suffering from Crohn’s disease. When animals get sick they reduce food & water intake to preserve energy, but this can speed up infection and make matters worst. However, research shows that mice produce a sugar L-fucose, which cannot be used for energy creation, but serves as a coating for the intestines, in essence protecting the animal from bacterial attacks! Reference: Science Daily 01 October 2014
Sep 2014
11 September 2014 – According to new research study which was led by the Wildlife Conservation Society showed that in agricultural landscapes, where large populations of leopards hunt at night, the main meal for these wild cats are domestic cats and dogs. The study showed that 87 percent of the wild leopards diets were made up of domesticated dogs and cats. The study proved that 39% of the leopards menu consisted of dogs and 15 percent of cats. We are really glad we do not have to conduct business in these areas of the world. Source: Wildlife Conservation Society 01 September 2014
Aug 2014
26 August 2014 – According to the Globe And Mail, Canadian bees are in great decline in Canada. According to the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA), 58% of the bee colonies in Ontario did not survive this past winter. It is predicted to only get worst. One of the main reasons for the decline is over pesticide use, cold and long winters and weak queens and viruses.Source: The Globe And Mail 26 August 2014
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