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American Cockroach

American Cockroach Pest Control Toronto

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30-40 mm.
Red and brown with a shiny appearance. Lighter yellow area bordering pronotum.
Other Features:
In adults, the tegmina extends beyond the edge of the male abdomen, but only reaches the edge in the female.

The American cockroach is the biggest of the commonly found varieties. They can fly but are mostly sluggish.

The egg cases dropped by the female usually have 16 eggs inside. Incubation is from 24-60 days, according to the temperature. Cockroach young take seven to ten months to mature. Adults live up to two years and the female provides 10 to 15 egg cases in this period.

These insects like warm moist surroundings and are often found in places where food is stored or prepared. Examples include restaurants as well as grocery stores. Utility tunnels housing hot water pipes are another favored location.

Toronto roach control problems

Want To Avoid Toronto Roach Control Problems? Here’s A Few Proactive Hints

Here at Pestend Pest Control Toronto, we want you to be free of any and all of the pests that can plague your home or office in Toronto. We know there are some people that need our pest control services to combat Toronto roach control problems. We like to be proactive as well, so here are a few things you can do to lessen the chances of a roach infestation.

When you understand roaches like to live near food and water, you’ll quickly see that buying sealable plastic containers or glass jars to store food items or leftovers is a great idea to keep these intruders at bay. Making sure your garbage is kept in containers with tight fitting lids is another way to avoid these unpleasant visitors and fixing any plumbing leaks will also help to keep these pests away.

Still, despite your best efforts, there are times when your Toronto home or office can become infested. Those are the times you want to call us. We’re a modern pest control company that only uses pesticides when they’re absolutely necessary. Our money back guarantee is another way you can get peace of mind at an affordable price when you’re facing Toronto roach control problems.

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