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Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-Faced Hornets Pest Control Toronto

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Bald Faced Hornets can be deadly to a lot of Canadians. They are larger than regular wasps and their sting is more powerful. At Pestend Pest Control Toronto, we offer hornet and wasp nest removal in Toronto and the greater Toronto area.

If you happen to notice a large wasp that is not as yellow, you may have a Bald Faced hornet pest problem.

Pestend Pest Control Toronto specializes in extermination of Bald Faced hornets and most importantly removing their nests. Our Bald Faced Hornet pest exterminators know where to find the nests and remove the entire nest so the hornets do not return.

Facts About Bald Faced Hornets

1218 mm.
Black and White.

The Bald-faced hornet is known to build a ball-sized paper nest with only one entrance. The combs are horizontal and are covered with a protective coating. Nests hang in trees but others are also found underground. Disturbing the nests can irritate the wasps. Bald-faced hornets are a paper wasp as opposed to a real hornet.

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