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Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle Pest Control Toronto

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Furniture Carpet Beetle:

Looking down on them, this species of adult beetle are bigger than the adults of the varied carpet beetle. Colours and markings vary, but a mottled appearance with white or orange scales interspersed with black spots on the elytra is common; their under sides are white. Larvae begin white, but turn dark red or brown. As opposed to the varied carpet beetle larvae, these taper from front to back. The larvae of both species feed on the same foods.

Black Carpet Beetle:

Larvae and adults of the black carpet beetle are very different. Adults grow 3/16 inches. Colours include black and brown with brown legs. Full-sized larvae may be 5/16 inch. Larvae are distinctive with stiff hairs and their body tapers, ending in a tuft of hair. In more arid areas like California, the black carpet beetle poses more of a threat to stored products.


The larval stage can cause damage. Larvae eat dead animals, wool and silk. Occasionally, they eat spices and grains, but will not eat synthetic fibres. Damage from clothes moths is similar, but beetles generally damage large areas while moths make scattered holes. Carpet beetle larvae leave brown cast skins after moulting.

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