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House Fly Pest Control Toronto

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3-6 mm.
Grey with yellowish abdomen.
Other Features:
Four dark longitudinal stripes on the thorax; red eyes.The female House fly lays her eggs in warm, moist, rotting, high protein organic matter. The eggs hatch into larvae (maggots). These pupate after one to two weeks to emerge as adults two or three days later. Under ideal conditions, house flies can complete their entire life cycle in a week.

The House fly feeds on liquid material and will regurgitate the semi-digested material of its last meal (vomitus) on to the intended food source. This action allows the mouth parts to taste the intended food source and also soften it to a semi-liquid state. This habit of leaving vomitus spots on food sources is the major reason the House fly is an efficient transmitter of more than 30 microbial diseases.

Got fly control and house fly problems? Here’s a few quick tips that work

Disease-causing organisms are the baggage of the common house fly. These especially nasty little pests often land on feces and transport what makes you sick to your food.

That’s why we make Toronto pest control of these flies one of our priorities here at Pestend. While the average homeowner can’t get rid of fly control and house fly problems completely and will need to call us for especially bad infestations, here are a few proactive tips that can make the situation less severe.

Don’t leave any dog waste sitting in the yard. If you’re like many dog owners, you might pick up what Fido leaves behind once a day or maybe even once every few days. While that might not be a problem from the perspective of smell or inconvenience, getting to Rover’s business right away doesn’t attract the attention of flies. That lessens the chances of you running up against the one million bacteria a fly can carry.

A kitchen compost heap is a great idea to do your part for the environment, and adding some sawdust to the mixture keeps these pests away from the moisture that can accumulate. Turning the pile on a regular basis also helps.

Remember if you’ve got an infestation like fly control and house fly problems or other pest control issues in Toronto, we have a free consultation to get right to the heart of the problem.

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