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Lady Bug

Lady Bug Pest Control Toronto

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The ladybug or the Asian lady beetle looks for a warm place to spend colder months.

Any quantity of ladybugs inside a home become a nuisance. According to the experts, a good proactive idea is to seal or screen any opening greater than 1/16 of an inch. Areas around windows and doors and plumbing as well as cracks in woodwork or brickwork are suspect. Using weather-stripping or foam caulking is preferable.

Secure covers over attics and make sure vents are tightened down.

Board siding nailed to wall studs afford easy access points. Sealing these off after infestation will only make the situation worse.

Lady Bugs have many different species. The red spotted variety is the most common but these insects can come in orange or red and brown as well. The larvae are twice as long at the adult.

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