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Millipede Pest Control Toronto

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15-30 mm.
Shiny Brown.
Other Features:
Two pairs of legs per Body segment.

Millipedes are slow moving creatures despite the two pairs of legs on every segment of their long bodies. Relatives of the centipede, they spite the two pairs of legs on every segment of their bodies. Relatives of the centipede, they are not insects but belong to the class Diplopoda. These creatures are active during the night and hide in dark, moist places during the day. Patio walls and foundation areas provide excellent shelter. Millipedes do not bite or sting, but may give off an offensive odour if handled.

They feed on decaying plant material thus their preference for moist areas where decay is rapid. Most problems indoors occur when populations migrate into basement areas or around doorways at ground level.

After mating in the spring, eggs are laid in the soil, sometimes in clusters 20-300 eggs. These hatch in a few weeks to form six legged young. During the moulting procedure more segments and legs are added until sexual maturity is reached. The life span can be several years in some species.

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So we’ve taken the time to find out there’s fossil evidence that millipedes are the first animal that made the move from water to land. A fossil that helped science arrive at this conclusion dates back 428 million years. Although these little pests aren’t aggressive, they do have ozopores which are in essence stink glands that help them to defend themselves against predators.

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