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Smaller than a pinhead.
Brown or Red.
Other Features:
The front pair of legs are longer than the other three pair, projecting forward like antennae.

The Clover Mite is a plant feeding mite that sucks sap from clover as well as from ornamentals, fruit trees, and lawn grasses. They enter houses in spring and early summer due to population pressures and unfavourable feeding conditions. In late summer and fall, clover mites seek shelter in houses to avoid cold weather. Clover mites can re-appear in houses as early as February and March since they over-winter as adults in walls or near foundations.

They crawl under loose bark, cracks within foundations, and around window frames to moult and lay eggs. They continue to hatch and feed until the cold weather. They cause no structural damage to houses, nor do they injure humans, pets or house plants. When crushed, clover mites do, however, leave a red stain that can damage wallpaper, bedding and clothing.

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