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Norway Rats Pest Control Toronto

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Why Hire Pestend For Norway Rat Control

Norway Rats are very common in Ontario Canada and can be found in almost all cities including Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Norway Rats are very large and can cause serious damage to property as the chew through wood and electrical cords. They reproduce extremely quickly since their gestation period is under one month.

If you suspect you have a Norway Rat problem please call us to book and inspection. Our rat and mice exterminator Toronto will come to your property anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and analyze if Norway Rats are the problem or perhaps you have squirrels or raccoons.

Facts About Norway Rats

200-480 g (7-17 oz).
30-45 cm (12″-18″).
12.5-20.5 cm (5″-8″) in length. Stout, shorter than body; Dark above and pale beneath.
Various, brownish-grey back, grayish-white belly.
Forepaws four and hind paws five.
Thick and short with fine hairs.
Capsule Shaped, 25-30 mm (3/4″) long and often containing Hairs; 40 to 145 are dropped each day.
Many long sharp teeth.
Small, poor eyesight and colour blind.

The gestation period is just under one month, the young are born blind. Litters can be as high as twenty-two young, with five to twelve being common. The eyes open on about the 14th day and the rat travels freely after one month. It reaches maturity at three months. Females give birth to four to seven litters per year. Rats have minimal control of their bladder and cannot vomit (any rodenticide they swallow cannot be voided from stomach). This rat species lives for about one year.

Normally, this rat lives on ground level where it nests and burrows. It can consume 30-90 grams of food per day. A rat will often take food (or even rodenticide bait) and store it in caches for consumption at a later time, if the rat can find it again. They damage more food through contamination with their urine and droppings (16cc of urine and 0-180 droppings per day are excreted) than by consumption. It will live both inside and outside buildings. The dominant male rat in the area is considered to be the alpha rat and will have several female rats in his territory. A rat is essentially a nocturnal animal, although sometimes it is active during the day.

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