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Opossum Removal Toronto

Opossum Pest Control Toronto

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Opossums are a very common pest in the urban and rural areas of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Opossums can be a serious health hazard since they can cary many deadly diseases to humans and household pets including rabies. If you have an Opossum living near or on your property you will surely notice them in the evening time when the sun goes down, as they are most active at this time.

Pestend Pest Control Toronto is an expert at humanely removing opossums and their babies from your commercial or residential property. Our Opossum technician will study the opossum to ensure that no babies are left behind once the parents are removed. We re-locate all Opossums in the wild far away from your home so they never come back without hurting them.

Opossum Facts & Information

1.8-6.3 kg (4-14 lbs).
64-102 cm (25″-40″).
25-54 cm (10″-21″); naked; pre-hensile.
Grizzled grey; white head and throat.
Five in front, five in back; first toe of hind foot opposable; 5-7.5 cm long.
Long pointed.
Naked, black with white tips.
Many long sharp teeth.

The Virginia opossum is the only marsupial in North America. This nocturnal and solitary animal frequents brushy wasteland, open woods, farmlands, and travels along ditches, gulley’s, and rivers. When threatened it, may fake death, “playing possum”. More often then not, however, it will hiss and salivate with a wide open mouth to display its 50 teeth. The opossum does not hibernate and may be active even on cold days if hungry. It will not be outdoors at temperatures below -12 degrees celcius since its tail and ears are susceptible to frostbite.

Opossum feed on insects, frogs, snakes, mammals, earthworms, fruits and berries. Apples and corn are sometimes eaten, and carrion can also make up a large portion of its diet. Opossum are often killed on roads while feeding on carcases.

Opossum will make leaf nest in a hollow log, fallen tree, abandoned woodchuck burrow or other hollow sheltered area. One to fourteen young are born in late winter. They travel up the mother’s belly to a marsupial pouch where they will nurse and develop for 2 months. The opossum may have 2 to 3 litters per year. The young are often riding on the mother’s back shortly after leaving the pouch.

The Virginia Opossum invaded Ontario as early as 1858, but has become more common in southern Ontario since 1947, and in eastern Ontario since 1960. It occupies a broad band area along the north shore of the Great Lakes, from Goderich to Toronto, and east of Kingston. In recent years, it has become a more frequent structural pest and road kill victim.

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