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Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach Pest Control Toronto

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25 mm.
Dark brown, very nearly black.
Other features:
The male tegmina covers most of the abdomen and is a darker shade. On the female, the tegmina is developed only partially and appear almost wingless.

This species of cockroach is more sluggish and less timid than other species. This cockroach likes unlit wet places like cracks in basements, utility and service tunnels and sewer pipes, and can scale water pipes to reach the top floors. It likes to live with other cockroaches in colonies, so there can be bunches that occur around water leaks wherever they occur. Outdoors, in a good climate, this species may be found under porches or in garbage.

Sixteen eggs can be found in an egg capsule. Females can deposit 8-14 of these capsules randomly in one lifetime. The eggs hatch in two months and the nymphs process seven moults in their lifetime which is two years.

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