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Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost Beetle Pest Control Toronto

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The powderpost beetle is common in Europe and North America.
This 4 to 6 mm insect is reddish brown and the larva is white.
Adults come out in the spring and start reproducing. The female looks for wood with a starch content over 3 percent. About 50 eggs are laid in the crevices.
Potential Hazards:
Small round holes in hardwood floors and furniture denote infestation. The frass or dust may fall from the emerging holes.
– Annual inspection of all wood two or more years old.
– Prevent accumulation of useless pieces of sapwood.
– Inspect all newly arrived stock to prevent the introduction of infesting beetles.
Non chemical controls such as electricity or high and low temperature have a limited research base and their effectiveness has not been completely tested.
Fumigation usually provides immediate control of all life stages within the wood. However this method provides no residual insecticide for long term protection against reinfestation. The application of a liquid insecticide to the surface of infested wood may not provide immediate control of feeding larvae. However, the residual qualities of a liquid insecticide application provide control by killing larvae and adults emerging through tread surfaces. The residual activity of a liquid insecticide can also provide protection against reinfestation.

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