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Roof Rats

Roof Rats & Attic Mice Pest Control Toronto

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When Rats Are A Problem. Pestend Is The Solution.

The human race has had a long history dealing with rats. These rodents are generally characterized by a larger size than their cousin the mouse and they have historically been considered deadly pests and with good cause. The Center For Disease Control lists almost a dozen diseases that are directly attributed to rats, and that are transferable to humans and pets.

Why Pestend Mice Control?

Pestend Pest Control Toronto offers the right solutions to your rat problems whether you need the services for your home or business. The best starting point is to click on our free estimate page to get a good idea of how large you rat problem is and how much it will cost to get rid of these pests? Remember if you’ve got an emergency situation where rats or other pests have invaded your home and you need something done right away we have the solution.

Rats Can Be Dangerous To Pets, Humans and Your Property

Rats can be dangerous. They can build elaborate tunnels and burrows and even chew through electrical wires presenting the danger of electrical fires. They are also known to prefer soft warm areas like attic insulation. Therefore knowing where rats hide is as much a science as it is an art. Pestend Mice Control Toronto understands rat behaviour and will ensure all rats and mice are exterminated for good!

We have the answer to your rat problems. Out technicians have years of experience and most of the rat issues that we encounter only require a one time service.

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