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Starling Pest Control Toronto

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19-21 cm (7.5″-8.5″)
Iridescent black; flecked with white in winter; yellow bill in summer and dark in winter.
Reasons For Control:
Starlings harbour several parasites ands transmit some disease . They eat, among other things, fruits and grain in cattle feedlots and poultry farms.
Resident throughout Ontario. Resident starlings are often joined by other birds. In early fall, migrants merge with residents to form large flocks which are located close to animal feedlots. They can also be found in vineyards eating insects and fruit. By late fall, these birds either stay as residents or have migrated south.
Nesting preference:
When fledglings vacate the nest, they make up families of ten birds that eventually merge into bigger flocks. This mergings results in one big flock. These flocks are common in summer and ruin fruits and some crops. These birds inhabit a communal roost when sleeping.The Starlings diet is made up of mainly insects and other small invertebrates. Vegetable food stuffs comprise berries as well as some grain. Starlings droppings can transmit dysentery in cattle.

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