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Stink Bug

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1.7 centimetres (0.67 in).
Brown, Black, often with blue markings.
Other features:
Alternating dark bands on the abdomen.If you’ve not heard about the stink bug recently, it’s not because this member of the Pentatomidae family hasn’t been living up to its reputation as a threat to the agricultural well being of Canada in general and Ontario specifically. This is why one of the pest control Toronto services we offer is professional and guaranteed stink bur removal.

As recently as 2011, this pest reportedly ruined 37 million dollars worth of apples in the mid-Atlantic United States and was spotted here in Canada last year. Most of these insects are usually brown or gray but there are others that can be either black or blue.

Like a lot of other insects, the bodies of these stink bugs are divided into different sections. There’s the abdomen, the thorax and the head and an exoskeleton that protects all three sections. These insects feed on a variety of matter including fluids from plants and other insects.

Some varieties of these insects use a particular odour to attract mates. Others make a distinctive sound by rubbing their legs or wings together. Like many other insects, stink bugs go through various changes on their way to adulthood. However, these insects only have three distinct stages of development while may other insects have four. After the first of five molts, stink bugs have small wings that grow longer with each successive metamorphosis on their way to being fully grown after a month.

These insects can enter homes and buildings in the fall or winter when the weather turns and, because they can live from several months to a year, the can become a pest homeowners would rather do without necessitating pest control measures be taken. The brown marmorated version is the one that’s most likely to invade homes and the primary means of self defense are the holes in the abdomen from which they emit an odour giving them their name.

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