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Money Back Guarantee

100% Money - Back Guarantee

Pestend’s humane squirrel control services in Toronto always come with our industry-leading 100% Money Back Guarantee. This assures that all our customers receive what they pay for or their money back!

Eco Friendly Pest Control Toronto

Eco Friendly Squirrel Control

Pestend is licensed by the ministry of environment of Ontario ensuring that all our licensed squirrel technician follows strict guidelines to provide humane, eco-friendly squirrel removal in Toronto and the GTA.

Best Pest Control Prices in Toronto

Low Price Guarantee

Our humane, quick and 100% guaranteed squirrel removal prices are the lowest in Toronto. At Pestend Pest Control our technicians not only ensure top quality, but also the best value for your dollar.

Why Choose Pestend For Squirrel Removal Toronto?

  1. Pestend Pest Control Toronto offers an industry leading low price guarantee on all squirrel removal services in Toronto and southern Ontario. Especially with our limited 10% off coupon, you are guaranteed to get the best squirrel removal price in Toronto.
  2. Our squirrel removal technicians are trained, highly experienced and equipped with the most effective squirrel removal equipment and tools in Canada.
  3. We are certain that we will solve all your squirrel problems in the quickest possible time, that we offer all our squirrel removal clients a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  4. All the squirrels that we remove from your home or commercial property are gently removed in the most humane way possible. All the squirrels are released back into nature where they can start their new life, far away from your property.All the squirrels that we remove from your home or commercial property are gently removed in the most humane way possible. All the squirrels are released back into nature where they can start their new life, far away from your property.
  5. We offer squirrel house and business proofing and prevention services, where our squirrel technicians will evaluate you property and ensure all possible squirrel entrance points are sealed and not accessible to squirrels. This ensures no wildlife enters your property again.

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Customer Reviews

Courteous professional service

We are very happy with your courteous professional service and the results. The squirrels are out!

By Armani - From Toronto - 22 June 2017

I am very much happy

I had squirrels problem on my house roof. Tony has removed them and fixed my roof vents nicely. I am very much happy with Tony’s work and his freindly behavior. I wish him every success and recommend his compay Pestend.

by Rashid R from Scarborough On -  26 May 2017

how to get rid of squirrels in Toronto

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels?

Getting rid of squirrels can be very difficult if they have infested your home and created holes in your soffit, eavestrough and have access through the chimney and air vents.

Step 1: The first step in removing squirrels is to extract each one from your home or commercial property. This is the most important step, and if not completed correctly can cause some of the squirrels to be trapped in the home and to die a horrible death, and eventually rot – causing bad odours and disease.

Step 2: Once all the squirrels have been removed from the home or business, next all possible openings must be closed do prevent future squirrel infestation.

Pestend Pest Control Toronto understands where squirrels usually enter your property and we can help you proof your home or business so squirrels can not enter in the future. Please call us an ask us about our squirrel proofing and prevention services.

Please call us and ask us about or proofing service.

Interesting Facts About Squirrels

Physical Characteristics and Dimensions

400-700 g (14-25 oz).
43-50 cm (17″-20″).
Grey with White Tipped Hairs; or entirely Black.
Small Dark Oval; seldom seen.

Temperament and Character

The Eastern gray squirrel is the most common species found in urban areas. A black colour phase of the squirrel is actually more common in Ontario and often exhibits a brown tail. These squirrels are especially active in the morning and evening during dry weather. They readily eat nuts, maple tree seeds, fruit and corn.

Pestend offers squirrel removal services in Toronto & the GTA. A squirrel uses woodpecker holes or other cavities or hollow spaces such as attics as winter or summer dens. Large, round, ragged, solid looking and hollow balls of leaves high in tree crotches are used as summer nests. Flatter smaller leaf nests without cavities are used as cooling beds or loafing platforms. Two or three young are born in spring and often a second litter occurs in late summer. Squirrels will move their young from tree dens to leaf nests often in response to weather conditions.

Types of Squirrels Common in Ontario:

In Ontario there are five different species of squirrels

  • Eastern Grey
  • IEastern Fox
  • Red Squirrel
  • Northern Flying and
  • Southern Flying Squirrels

Health Risks:

Squirrels are typically not important carriers of disease. But like all wild animals, squirrels can carry parasites and leave excrement behind in structures. Squirrel droppings are associated with Leptospirosis and Salmonella. Squirrels can also inflict a painful bite. Any bite should be checked by a medical doctor even though rabies is not common in squirrels.

Property Damage:

Squirrels pose serious threats that can endanger your home and family. They are compelled to chew to keep their teeth worn down. It is estimated that 50% of house fires attributed to unknown causes are the result of rodents chewing on electrical wiring. Squirrels gnawing on wires can cause power outages or tripped alarm systems in a home, as well as significant water damage from chewed through PVC plumbing lines. Exterior damage can include large holes in the roof, gable vents, siding, fascia and other materials. Basically, the presence of squirrels in the attic will result in damaged wires or pipes. Structures that are heavily contaminated with squirrel feces are unhealthy and emit foul odours. Not only do wild animals urinate and defecate all over, but dead animals inside a building can cause additional problems.


If you don’t know what type of wild animal is nesting inside a structure, the concerned person should be present when the technician arrives to share his or her concerns. A technician may require complete interior and exterior access of the property to identify your wildlife problem.

Squirrel Control:

Every wildlife job is unique and getting rid of squirrels requires special skill, knowledge, tools, materials and methods. Pestend squirrel removal technicians specialize in removal of wild animals from attics, chimneys, walls, crawl spaces, beneath buildings, sheds, and other hard to reach locations. Our experienced wildlife technician will do a thorough inspection of your premises and take immediate action to resolve any wildlife conflict. We offer squirrel removal services for Toronto, Mississauga, Markham.


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