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Why Eco-friendly Pest Control is the Way to Go


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For homeowners, a common fear is coming across rodents or pests. The process of removing pests from any space is an unpleasant task. While there are numerous ways we can work towards making our planet a better place, switching to eco-friendly pest control methods is an excellent start.

Not only are organic pest control products environmentally friendly, they are also extremely effective in diminishing any signs of bugs, insects and other pests. Not to mention that the lingering smell of chemicals from conventional methods can be left in your home for days, whereas eco-friendly pest control has no irritating aromas.

Taking an environmentally-friendly approach to dealing with a pest problem is both admirable and clever. There are several benefits to turning down chemical solutions. We’ve narrowed down the top reasons why eco-friendly pest control is the way to go in any household:

Pests Won’t Develop Resistance

pest exterminatorDespite the common myth, chemical pest control products aren’t always completely effective. Pests can develop resistance towards chemical sprays, which can later be passed onto their offspring. It’s almost impossible to completely get rid of them without using eco-friendly products. If you’ve had a history of using chemical pesticides and you’re starting to see more pests than before, this could be one of the main reasons. Utilizing eco-friendly pest control services will help diminish any signs of pests in your home as they are less likely to have a resistance towards it.

By choosing eco-friendly pest control, you won’t wake up to any surprise critters.

It’s Safer

Chemical pesticides aren’t ideal to have in your home. Not only can they put your children and pets in harm’s way, but they can also put you at risk for numerous diseases and disorders. While the impacts of chemical-based pest control may not arise for months or even years, you could potentially be putting the members of your household at risk without realizing it.

Eco-friendly pest control is also:

  • Less irritating:

    For those with asthma, allergies or any other respiratory issues, using non-chemical pest control minimizes irritation.

  • Non-staining:

    While chemical-based pest control will likely remove a large portion of the problem, it can also leave behind unwanted stains.

  • Has low odour:

    Unlike strong chemicals, no smell will linger around your home after you’ve used eco-friendly products.

It’s Healthier For The Environment

farmer helping crops

It can come naturally to assume that you need heavy chemicals in order to get rid of pests. This myth is far from true. Chemical-based pest control has many negative effects on the environment.

Eco-friendly products contribute a rather low percentage of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In addition, when chemical pest controls are used, all insects (even the useful ones) are killed. Whereas when organic or natural products are used, it can keep the food chain on track by allowing useful insects to multiply and eliminate other pests.

There Are No Side Effects

Leaf with holes, eaten by pests

Taking a natural approach means that there will be no surprise side effects. Your pest problem will be taken care of and the air in your home will still be fresh.

We’ve also put together a list of homemade and nontoxic approaches you can take to prevent any future pest infestation:

  • For insect diseases: 

    Use two tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of cooking oil and 2-3 drops of Ivory soap. Put them together in a bowl filled with water. You can then pour the spray into a container and apply it to any affected areas. Repeat this every few days.

  • Fungal diseases:

    Combine two tablespoons of baking soda and water. Apply to affected areas.

You Can Maintain Your Landscape

Woman spraying plants using water pulverizerNon-chemical pest control methods are gentle and conservative to the environment. Grass, plants and other outdoor landscaping features can be drastically ruined after being sprayed with artificial products. Eco-friendly products will help maintain your beautiful garden while also eliminating any sign of rodents, pests, or insects. It’s a win-win!

Level Of Effectiveness

While many people doubt the effectiveness of non-chemical pest control, we can tell you that eco-friendly options are just as effective as other forms of pest control. While they may take longer to become effective, the end results are almost the same.

Hire Professionals

Preventing pest infestation is a crucial part of ensuring your home is clean and safe. Although being diligent when tidying up is a start to addressing a pest problem, it isn’t always enough.

In order to guarantee that your home is completely pest-free, hire professionals!

Here at Pestend, we want you to be completely confident that your home is sanitary, which is why we offer eco-friendly options.

By specializing in pest control services, wildlife control, and bed bug extermination, we are happy to help you clean out your space by offering expert assistance at an affordable price. Knowing where to find pest infestations and exactly how to eliminate their source is the only way to take permanent control. We understand how important it is for homeowners to have a hygienic environment.

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